Should coffee cost more than a book?

I saw this on an author’s page and had to share.
Four of my books are FREE and the most the others cost is $2.99.
Please help us struggling indies, and read one of our books over a coffee.


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The Secret to a Great Read

Aiko's Treasure

To be a writer you have to love reading. I’ve read thousands of books over the years and I know what I like and what type of writing keeps me glued to the page (or screen).

Many contemporary books these days seem to get bogged down with page after page of scene description, or worse, lengthy internal dialogue where you read about ‘everything’ the character is thinking. Whenever I encounter too much of either of these, I simply skip over the pages until I get to action or dialogue.

NOTE: More descriptive texts and scenes are naturally needed for historical novels, even sci-fi, fantasy and crime stories).

Consider the following text from my latest novel. This scene is the first time the male protagonist visits her home. As you can see, there is a little internal dialogue and even less description, allowing the focus to be mainly on the characters.

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Happy Holidays – free gifts

First 3 books FREE in my HOT 8 book series, featuring police, sports, suspense, BDSM
(200,000 words FREE)
(NOTE: Book 3 is 99 cents on Amazon)

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Teaser Tuesday

The Dom Bodyguard (a spin-off from my Playing the Game series) is one of my favourites. Not only did it take the longest to write, but it’s the only book I’ve written totally from a male point of view.

If you haven’t read any of the series, good news! The first two books are **FREE** with the third one only 99 cents. And they are full length novels – not one book split into many shorter ones.
(NOTE: If they are not FREE in your region, please let me know and I’ll send you a copy)

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Teaser 7

The Dom Bodyguard is LIVE!

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Live! LIVE! Live!

The Dom Bodyguard
Lorraine Loveit Author

Fall in Love with the Alpha’s of
Playing the Game today!

The Dom Bodyguard
Available only on Amazon

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First THREE Books FREE!!!

July 1-31/2019

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The Dom Bodyguard Countdown Day #5

Getting closer to release day!

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The Dom Bodyguard
Countdown to Release Day #5
Playing the Game

Author Lorraine Loveit

Sneak Peak Tease :

“You look fantastic baby.”Not only was I thrilled at the sight before me, but so was my cock which stood at attention as my eyes took their fill of her exposed breasts due to the low-cut of the dress. I intended on firstly spending some time talking with Bree but it was damn hard trying to concentrate with her in that outfit.

As soon as she was inside I captured her in my arms for a deep kiss. She tasted so sweet, like she had just eaten some exotic fruit and, when combined with that same alluring perfume she had worn at the club, it was almost my undoing.

From her reaction and eagerness during the kiss I gathered that she wouldn’t have minded skipping the conversation also, but I knew it…

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Pinterest board – The Dom Bodyguard

Check out my board on Pinterest for HOT teasers and HOT pix of my muse for JB.

The Dom Bodyguard Countdown Day #6

Can’t wait for this one to be released. Here’s a sneak peek.

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The Dom Bodyguard
Countdown to Release Day #6

Enjoy a Tease from JB…

Will you let JB control you???

The Dom Bodyguard (spin-off of series) Author Lorraine Loveit
Release July 4, 2019
Preorder available on Amazon only

Playing the Game Series
Books 1&2 Free
Book 3- ONLY .99¢

Check out The Dom Bodyguard
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JB’s Muse: Adam Cowie

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