How did I come to write erotic romance?

I had been slowly writing a regency story for years. Then one night a steamy erotic contemporary story came to me in a dream; the dream would continue and progress night after night. Soon I was thinking about it during the day, while at work, driving my car.

Eventually I said enough is enough and I started writing it down (longhand). I soon bought myself a laptop and then my writing really took off. I am into part III of the story, about to self-publish part I, while part II is being edited.

So I guess I am not only writing for myself (to get the story out of my head) but also to anyone who likes this genre. It is not at all like I expected I could or would write about, but the story has just written itself. I have never got writers block, because the next scene just appears on the page. It is so weird.

Hopefully when finished, I will get back to my regency ‘bodice-ripper’.


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