Chapter Quotes

Every day I have been posting an excerpt from first novel in the series “Bounce Down” now available on Amazon (See Books tab for link)


I could not quite believe my eyes that he was here in the flesh, in my bedroom. I was in shock.
“I’m back, so now you can tell me.”
Oh my god, he was unbelievable! He had flown back late at night because he couldn’t wait for my answer. I felt self-conscious; I was wearing cotton shorts and a tank top, while he was decked out in a suit, no less. It was almost like the first night; he was fully clothed while I had been naked.

“Why don’t you just break up with him?”
My head shot up and eyes widened at his suggestion. Why was I so shocked? It wasn’t as if I hadn’t been thinking the same thing ever since Brendon’s outrageous proposal.

going to post a “teaser” from each chapter of my novel, “Bounce Down – 1st Quarter: Start of Play”


I whispered back. “You, I’ll always want you.”

I felt a lump of emotion swell up in my throat and found it difficult to breathe as I realised, despite my admission, this was quite possibly the last time we would be together.


He removed my hand from his face and held it between both of his. His words were thick with emotion. “Suzanna, I would like it very much if you would do this, as a way of showing your total commitment to me.”


I was opening the door of the spare bathroom as he came up behind me, wrapping an arm casually around my waist. He bent down and whispered in my ear. “Join me in the en-suite, there’s more room.”


“So, do you want to talk about last night?”

I looked down at my plate. “I’d rather forget all about last night.”

He was silent for so long, I glanced up. He was glaring at me from across the table, obviously waiting to look me in the eye before continuing. “You know your behaviour was not acceptable and we need to deal with it?”


I was about to have a drink when the glass was roughly removed from my hand. This same hand, which I now realised was Brendon’s, grasped mine and started to draw me through the crowd.

“Suzanna, we’re leaving!”


“I’ve been wanting to do this since the first time I saw your chest.”

This was to apply body lotion to my favourite part of his body. As I began to gently massage his upper body, I could feel him relax beneath my fingers. He was obviously enjoying the experience as much as I was.


He grasped me by the waist, then lifted and carried me to the lounge. Leaning close, he placed gentle kisses on my neck below my left ear, before whispering, “There are many ways to restrain someone.”


I sat on his lap with my back to him while he tenderly washed my body. I could see our reflection in the mirror splash-back facing us. I watched fascinated as his hands worked their magic. His soothing attention, combined with the warmth of the water relaxed me to the point where I almost fell asleep. Almost; the one thing keeping me lucid was the feel of his hardness beneath me.


With a finger under my chin he tipped my head back and then leaned in for a deep, savage kiss. I loved the way his mouth possessed mine, whether it was quick and chaste or a full-on assault like now. My heart started beating wildly; the anticipation was building within me, anticipation mixed with an element of fear.


We continued to silently assess each other for a few moments, before he made his move. He pushed away from the door and stalked towards me until I was staring at the buttons on his white shirt.

“Look at me!”

I stared up at him and swallowed on seeing his irate expression.


“Well, I was wondering why this high profile footballer would go on a blind date with you? Who introduced you two?”

‘I shouldn’t have been surprised he’d finally queried the whole blind date story. In hindsight, it was probably the first thing he’d questioned but not had the opportunity to quiz me about it, until now.’

e red nightie, Brendon.’


Thanks’ was the subject with the short message, ‘Thanks for staying, thanks for letting my best friend and I break our promise and a special thanks for the red nightie, Brendon.’


Slowly I turned around and placed my hands and my forehead against the tiles. I took deep breaths and again shut my eyes trying to decide what I wanted, as his hands moved sensually over my body, paying particular attention to my still-smarting cheeks.


He finished with this particular torment and giving me a mischief look, stated, “Now it’s my turn.”

After dropping my bra to the floor, he gripped my shoulders. Then slowly, but firmly, pushed me down until I was forced to kneel.


“Why would we sleep in here?”

He grinned wickedly as he ambled towards the bed. “In case we’re too tired after our hot and heavy sex.”

On closer inspection I saw there were handcuffs attached to each of the bedposts. “You mean after you discipline me? This is your discipline room!”


He smiled and patted the spot next to him, indicating for me to sit. He gave me a knowing look as I gingerly sat down on my still tender flesh. Once again in close proximity to him I felt shy, even considering what we had just experienced together.

“So, have I scared you off or are you willing to come back next weekend?”


“What did you picture happening?”

Correctly interpreting my guilty expression, along with my flushed face, he laughed loudly, “You thought I was going to ravish you?”

Lowering my head, I whispered, “Something like that.”

With his index finger under my chin, he raised it so we were eye to eye. “It’s still a possibility; remember I have you until five o’clock.”


“Open your legs.” ‘What? While he was driving?’

Despite my concerns over the safety issue, I was shocked to feel a twinge of pleasure pulse through me at hearing his deep sexy voice say those words.


“I want someone who is submissive.”

We were sitting in his shiny black Mazda, an MX-5. He seemed almost too tall for the vehicle. At the word submissive, an involuntary shiver went through me. I took this in, as I repeated, “Submissive?”


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