Review Reviews

I think this is a good idea -hope Amazon takes note – especially with regard to revealing SPOILERS. That’s downright mean and spiteful!




  1. As a reviewer I do my best not to give spoilers. There are times that it is hard because the review might only partially make sense unless someone has read the book. There needs to be some sort of balance to it all. Authors put a lot of work into what they do. Reviews whether good or bad should be focused on the writing, story line, character structure. It shouldn’t be based on a half attempted read of a book or to complain about the price.

    1. Fair comment. I think it’s a bit suss when the reviewer gets the main character’s name wrong and all they talk about is the spoiler which isn’t revealed until near the end of the novel. It’s like they have just read the blurb then skipped to the end.

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