9 Tips to Increase ‘Newbie’ Writer Confidence

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By Wanda Octave 

All writers believe in their work. Introvert or not, you write because it’s in your DNA. And when you pen your masterpiece, you know that you have developed a brilliant piece of literature that someone would love to read. But… fear keeps it hidden.

Fear of Rejection

  • Fear of what others will think.
  • Fear of writer’s poverty.
  • Fear of taking the leap.
  • Fear of sticking to it for the long haul.
  • Fear of whatever new reality pops into our heads at any given moment.

This has caused many bestselling manuscripts to die in the laptops and shelves of ‘the shy writer’.

Fear Holds Writers Back.
Fear, is the only thing holding good writers back from greatness.  My biggest fear has always been losing my words. As a published author, I am great on paper, but I fear losing my words in a live forum. And though there are many great online marketing…

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