Do you write for money or love?

Duh! If I wrote for money I’d be broke!
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  1. To be honest until my most recent heart attack earlier this month I wrote for money, in hopes someone might love me for it. Does that count? 🙂 Now that I have decided write purely for the love of it, there will be no money.

  2. Joking aside I think for whatever reason we write, it is for the love of writing. There’s just something to be said about sharing your thoughts and feelings with others, and at times in some vain attempt to entertain at the same time. I wrote an article the other night that kept me laughing the entire time I was writing, when it was finished I had a family member read it and they didn’t get it. I have a new SciFi Fantasy novel in the works aimed at teens, but if I can’t get an adult to laugh at my humor I think I’m in trouble. 🙂 Hence yes, we write to write; weather they see our point or not.

    1. Yes, I too write because I have to, despite my family and friends wondering why I would want to spend hour after hour, day after day, pouring over page after page. And yes, some people have not got my story, but there are others that love it. Test your story out to a YA group on Goodreads. Best wishes 🙂

    1. To write full time would be a dream come true. I once heard someone say that watching a writer’s career take off was like watching grass grow.

      But it does grow – and the longer it grows, the more everyone will notice! I’ve found that the more work you have out there, the more serious readers take you. Good luck for the future.

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