Do not purchase from

Someone has created a user account on under the name lorraine4loveit. THIS IS NOT ME!

Unfortunately this account is linked to my three published novels.

Please do not purchase any Lorraine Loveit novels unless the purchase link takes you back to Smashwords, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

On the publication details for “Bounce Down” state it was published in April 2013 – I hadn’t even finshed writing it in 2013. The actual publish date was May 2014.

I have since gone to my Smashwords account and opted out of distribution to Scribd, but it will take until 3 November until my novels are removed from that site.

I feel really violated – please forward this on to any authors you know in case the same thing happens to them.


  1. That’s terrible. A similar thing happened to me, someone stole a novel of mine off of FictionPress and changed all the names to sell it on Amazon. It took months to get it down :\

    1. I took matters into my own hands and created my own user account and then followed them!
      It didn’t take long for them to unlink my books and get rid of purchase links. But my complaint to Scribd went unnoticed. The fake user still has my bio from Smashwords attached to it!
      I have since discovered a fellow author has had their books also linked to a fake a/c, also with a digit between letters of names and also states their latest release was published April 2013.

      1. Basically, unless you get a lawyer and threaten to sue, these big companies don’t give a shit. I had to threaten to take legal action before Amazon finally took down my novel (despite the fact that they’d agreed to take to down three months earlier).

      2. Typical! Thats precisely why I decided to alert this person that I was on to them and it worked. But my author friend is going through the right channels and letting them know I was also affected. Hopefully they can check up on other user names created like that.

        Re your book, it must be good I should read it! But fanfiction is one thing, stealing your story to make a profit is another. Just glad I found out early on in my career. The best thing to do is the regularly google yourself and novels. That is how I found out! Good luck in the future and hope you generate heaps of sales.

      3. Lol, the worst part was that it was the worst book I had on FictionPress. The main character’s name was something normal like Julia Mendel and the person changed it to Miccah Carmicheal or something. It was terrible. She did it to at least 10 other people, which was how I found out about it, because another victim had looked up all the novels and contacted me. I don’t post my first drafts online now because of that reason, but now I have to worry about problems like the ones you’re having!

      4. It seems to be limited to Scribd so I wont be including them in Smashwords distribution. I have regular sales from Amazon but limited sales from Smashwords – I hope that wasn’t as a result of someone else reaping the rewards. Its harder to Google if they change the names of books and characters though. Lucky you found out.

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