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Wolf War Image Bethany Shaw (2)

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A Werewolf Wars Novel by Author Bethany Shaw



Is the fifth full length novel in the Werewolf Wars Series


werewolf Goodreads


Here is a sneak peek at Lost and Found, Werewolf Wars #4, releasing 10/25.

Sarah snuggled further into the warm pillows, enjoying the heat of the heavy quilts. A steady thrum thumped beneath her ear. The sound was soothing, but she couldn’t quite place what it was. She moved her arm to hook it under her pillow.
Her digits froze as they skimmed over a fleshy, hard plain. Sarah jolted up, throwing the covers back.
The cool morning chill took her breath away. She wrapped her arms around herself and peered down at Vincent. He lay sleeping, his chest rising and falling in even breaths.
A few scars…

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