Introducing Lorraine Loveit — Sex and Sports Eroticist

Check out my interview for the Sirens Sinsational Summer Showcase. Along with 19 other authors (many from Siren Publishing) we will be having lots of fun with plenty of giveaways. Would love to see you there ❤


11252759_412309418955492_3717823445605413262_n   LORRAINE LOVEIT

Even though Ms Loveit is one of the Featured Authors of the Sirens Sinsational Summer Showcase (Aug 5th to the 9th) she still manages to devote time to her passion for writing, and of course, reading.

Ms Loveit’s current story came to her in a dream and it just grew from there. It is an erotic relationship theme with BDSM elements. She started writing it just to “get it out of her head.”

Lorraine has many more stories “in her head” just waiting for her to finish her current series. She also intends writing more short erotic stories.

She lives in the south west of Western Australia. When on holidays enjoys camping with her family and two dogs; always making sure she has plenty of reading material and, since she started writing, her laptop is the first thing packed.


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