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5 Star Review

I don’t care how famous you are, I’m sure all authors love getting 5 star reviews.
Here’s my latest review of my ‪#‎playingthegameseries‬
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Read/review BDSM boxed set

I’m excited to announce that I’m going to be part of this boxed set of BDSM stories.
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Are your reviews disappearing from Amazon?

This may be the reason.

Privacy settings*New Amazon Update**

Hi Reviewers, authors and the publishing industry,
Author D. Renee Bagby / Zenobia Renquist let us know that Amazon has implemented a new “Hide Reviews” system. After reading her letter I personally went to check our account and found we needed to change our settings as she directed. So a big thanks to Renee.
Please take a look at her letter below if you post reviews to Amazon are an author or have anything to do with reviews on Amazon.
Check Your Privacy Settings
I just found out on FB that Amazon has a function to hide your reviews on what they deem “sensitive products,” which translates to pretty much anything in the Romance section of the Kindle store, and especially stuff in the Erotica section, like Her Fantasy Reality.
Here’s how to see if your reviews are being hidden:
– Log into Amazon
– Go to Your Account
– Scroll down to Personalization
– Click on Your Public Profile
– At the bottom of the page you see a box with *New and Privacy Settings
– Click the “Privacy Settings” link
– Scroll down to the bottom of the page
– UNCLICK “Hide Sensitive Activity”
– Save
Now all your reviews should be visible to everyone as they were intended, because if you didn’t want it to be seen, you wouldn’t have left a review, right?
Spread the word to others, who might be affected.

Review – One Moonlit Night

I first came to love Ms Foley’s novels when I read the Knight Miscellany series. I usually only read novels but the length of this novella was perfect for the story. I did not find it too rushed and by the first few lines of chapter 2 I was hooked. This is not surprising, given Ms Foley’s gift for taking the reader back into the regency world, making you feel as if the main characters, Gable and Katrina, are real and you are there with them, watching their romantic interlude develop.
I am really looking forward to the next story featuring their best friends and I can see this series developing into something akin to the Knight Miscellany series, given the number of Katrina’s unwed sisters. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

One Moonlit Night cover

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