Beware – pirate book site

For all my author friends and followers, please check and see if your work is on nerdebooks.net
My first novel is there and they are selling it for $1.50 – even though it is available everywhere else for FREE!Nerdebooks - Bounce Down

How do you know if you are a writer?

writing snoopy

I definitely get inspiration at all the wrong places and times. (Click on link below)

How to Know If You Are Really a Writer

How to write a good book description

Along with covers, book blurbs are the most important part of your story.
They do refer to non-fiction because it is easier to show how it works but the same principle/techniques can work with fiction.

$800 for 800 word romance

Can you write a short contemporary romance?
If so then the Women’s World magazine is accepting submissions.

800 words